What is Cibil Score | Full Form | Check Free Cibil Score Credit Online @cibil.com (Guide)

The Cibil Score is a credit report or performance of a particular person. The full form of CIBIL is Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited. CIBIL is a corporation that was established in the year 2000. The corporation collects and maintains the credit details of the individuals of India. The corporation collects the credit details from the various bank and other financial institutions, and after collecting the data, they maintain the credit report of the individual known as credit report and CIBIL Score.

The CIBIL Score is one of the crucial things which banks and other financial institutions check when you apply for the loan or the credit card. You can also check the Cibil score credit online by going through the official portal cibil.com. The complete guide to check the Cibil Score has been provided on this page.

Cibil Score

CIBIL Score. Check Free CIBIL Score Online and More Details on ...

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Procedure To Check Free Cibil Score Credit Online

Here are the steps with the help of which you can check the Cibil Score Credit Online easily-

  • Step 1:  Create an account
  • Step 2: Provide personal details
  • Step 3: Verify your identity
  • Step 4: Finally, CIBIL score & report
  • The very step is to visit the official portal that is cibil.com
  • After that, you are required to hit the “Get Yours Now” link visible on the home page.
  • Now you are required to create your account and have to enter all the needed details such as name, email address, DOB, Mobile number, pin code, and identity card, etc.
  • Finally, your CIBIL Score will appear at your screen, check your report carefully.
  • After follwing the stated steps, you have to verify your identity as per the guidelines.
  • At last, your CIBIL Score will be opened; you can check it, and you can also save it for future reference.

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Information of CIBIL Report


The CIBIL Score is the credit performance or the record of the particular individual with the help of which CIBIL report of the individuals is prepared. The score calculated is between 300-900, and the score near to the 900 is deemed as a decent score.

Personal Information

The CIBIL Report also contains all the details of the individuals, which also includes person name, (DOB), PAN card number, and others.

Contact Information– 

The mobile number and the address of the person is also available in the CIBIL report. Maximum 04 addresses can be used in the report.

Account Information–  

The bank account of the person is also included in the report of CIBIL. The lender’s name, amount of loan, repayment due etc, is also mentioned in the report.

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Point To Remember For The Good CIBIL Report:
  • Pay your bills regularly
  • Keep your CIBIL Report free of errors
  • Must assure not to transfer credit card balance from one account to another.
  • Don’t repay the loan amount with a credit card.
  • Make sure not to apply  for multiple credit cards or loans in a short period of time.

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Point Not Effecting Your CIBIL Score:
  • Bounce if cheque
  • Prepayment of running loans
  • Payment of bills like electricity, rent, bills etc
  • Your Spouse CIBIL Score
  • Non-payment of tax

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Good CIBIL Score Rating in India
Loan TypeGood CIBIL Score
Loan for HomeAbove 650
Personal LoanAbove 700
Property LoanAbove 650
Loan for BusinessAbove 700
Loan for CarAbove 700
Loan against GoldNot required

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